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Evaporation Floater Pumps

Fisher Floater Pumps are available for aeration / evaporation applications. Can be equipped with belt drives up to 50 HP depending on required flow.

Some standard features of Fisher Pumps are:

Double Discharge design equalizes case pressure & maximizes horsepower!
Welded construction... No bolts that can work lose... No connections to seal
Constructed of 1/4" & 3/8" steel with heavy walled tubing
All bearings above water level... No oilers to fill daily!
No Priming... Self Draining... No Seals

Fisher Pumps can custom build to meet your needs!

Sewage Lagoon Aeration Pump

Shown are 2 of 4 units used in a waste water lagoon. Valves regulate flow as needed. High volume surface flow deters pond ice build up & aids in better aerobic action in cold weather. Pumps can be turned to move discharge flow to "dead" spots for complete pond coverage.

-4- Fisher 15 HP units above replaced -4- previous 25 HP aerators

For evaporation applications that require a finer spray pattern, 1" nozzles with deflector plates can be used. Pump geared for maximum pressure. Drop hoses can be added for pond bottom agitation. Nozzle size & quality can be varied as requested.

Fisher Pump Can Custom Design to Meet Your Needs!
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