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General Facts About Fisher Pumps

Fisher Pumps are versatile pump units which can provide excellent services life with low maintenance requirements. The Fisher Pump is a submersible centrifugal unit that does not require priming, draining or sealing. These pumps are self priming and are not damaged if run dry for short periods of time. Fisher Pumps use an exclusive double discharge design which equalizes the pressure within the case. This design also allows restriction of the discharge flow without damage to the pump or power unit. The Fisher design does not require placement of a bearing at case level to hold the side load like single discharge pumps.

Fisher Pumps are cantilever shaft that allows the bearings to be placed above the fluid level. This bearing placement minimizes bearing exposure to contamination and helps achieve longer bearing service life. These pumps, manufactured with one quarter inch and three eighths inch thick steel plate and heavy walled tubing, utilize a rugged all welded construction. There is no need to be concerned about assembly bolts working loose or seals and gaskets developing leaks.

Due to the design and efficiency of Fisher Pumps, they are considered high volume/low pressure units requiring low horsepower requirements. Fisher Pumps can pump any fluid that will flow and are used for irrigation, flush tank filling, manure/sewage lagoons, dewatering and other such applications.

Fisher Pumps are belt driven and adaptable to various motor sizes. One pump is capable of accepting several motor sizes. Output capacity of pumps can be varied by changing the drive ratio. This adaptability allows one pump to be used for several application and to be modified as pumping requirements change. The Fisher Manure Pump is capable of pumping rocks, pop cans, hooves and many other types of debris that find a way to enter the typical manure pit. The particle size going into the pump is regulated by the openings on the rock guard. The impeller design can better accommodate animal hair, straw, etc., as is commonly found in this type of application. For manure screener applications, the high volume of a Fisher Manure Pump allows for some of the volume to be diverted back into the screening. Back pressure will not adversely effect the pump.

Other Options
Fisher Pumps are manufactured in Greeley, Colorado. In addition to the standard pump sizes offered, custom made pumps can be manufactured to meet the customer's needs. In addition to the standard electric motor drives, Fisher Pumps offers PTO and hydraulic drive units. Floating pumps can be used for lagoon aeration, irrigation recovery ponds or flush water for free stalls in dairy applications. Cellar pumps for oilfield drilling fluids are part of the Fisher Pumps line also. An inventory of repair parts is kept in stock for shipment when required.

Fisher Pumps offer a (1) year warranty on materials and workmanship, subject to conditions, as described in our warranty sheet.

When you need a pump, you owe it to yourself to consider FISHER PUMPS!

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